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RNs: Keep Your Bedside Experience Current

It might be tempting to cut back on working hours at your current position now that you are in the process of coming to the USA. In order to maintain solid clinical skills performing bedside patient care, and increase your chances of getting selected by a facility, you should continue to work at least…

Weather and Location

One of the unique things about the United States is there are different climates found all throughout the country. Once you know which state you will be living in, I suggest researching that area to know what the weather is like, and if the weather changes throughout the year (some regions have all 4 seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall)!

Social Norms

Social norms are shared common expectations about what kinds of behaviors are acceptable or not. Neglecting social norms can make people feel uncomfortable. Here are some social norms in US society that you need to be aware of:

American Slang Words and Phrases

In America, slang language consists of words and phrases that are informal to their dictionary definitions and often used more as trendy speech. You may have already heard of some or all of these terms used between people who know each other well. Here are some examples of American slang words and phrases.

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