Shown below are some of our fantastic healthcare professionals that just arrived stateside. Feel free to wish them well in the comments box below. You can also find our arrivals on Facebook under the hashtag #WelcomeWednesdays.

    • Good Decision – Armie

      Good Decision – Armie

      “Finally after 9 years of waiting for my “American Dream, it has been fulfilled through the help of Health Carousel. Indeed...Read More »
    • Experts on This – Antonino

      Experts on This – Antonino

      Shares “From the moment that I signed the contract from Health Carousel I knew it and at the back of my mind I said “This is it! The agency that will fulfill and help me achieve my American dream!” Throughout …Read More »
    • Every Step of the Way – Hazelyn

      Every Step of the Way – Hazelyn

      Shares “Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. has been one of the blessings that my family and I was given with since day one.  As we all know, migrating to the US as a nurse is one tedious process.  I have been …Read More »
    • Perfect Timing – Abegael

      Perfect Timing – Abegael

      Shares “God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer our prayers and fulfill our dreams just as he always has. But he can’t if we don’t pray and he can’t if we don’t dream. In short, he can’t if …Read More »
    • Very Lucky – Stephen

      Very Lucky – Stephen

      Shares “It’s true! Patience is a virtue and prayer is the strongest weapon in keeping your faith in achieving your American Dream. This is really the most awaiting dream to come true, working and living together with my family in …Read More »

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