The fact that the U.S. immigration system can be affected by different policies, directives and administrations is the reality in which we live in the USA and no one knows this better than Health Carousel since we have successfully been in business over 15 years. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee a specific time frame that your visa petition will be filed and/or approved in. As always, we continue to remain committed to our candidates dreams to live and work in the United States and we know your commitment to us will pay off. Please remember that the immigration and placement process will vary for everyone. We deal with people, state boards, credentialing agencies and various governments (in the USA and abroad), which are all unpredictable. We cannot guarantee a timeline, but we can guarantee that we will get you here as fast as we are legally, and safely able to do so. It is our mission to fulfill your American dream and to improve lives and make healthcare work better in the USA. We will make this happen as soon as we possibly can, since getting you to the U.S. and started working is the only way our business is successful.

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