Many facilities across the U.S. are struggling with short-staffed nursing departments. These staffing challenges can lead to a burnt out workforce, poor patient outcomes, and low job satisfaction among healthcare professionals at your facility.

When healthcare leaders need to fix this issue quickly, they often turn to travel nursing or per diem solutions. While these solutions are effective in the short-term, they can be detrimental if not managed correctly in the long-term. The expenses of these nurses, and their short-term contracts, can lead to mounting costs and micro-management of your workforce.

Enter PassportUSA — and our solution that guarantees to keep costs down and bring long-term stability to your facility.

A Multiyear Contract is a Step Towards a More Stable Working Environment

When you use per diem nurse or a travel nurse on a 3-month contract you are solving the short-term need to put more nurses on the floor, but you are not contributing to the long-term stability of your workforce.

When hiring an international healthcare professional on an extended contract, you’re making a commitment to provide a more stable environment for your working nurses, and provide better outcomes for your patients. Our clients are often surprised how their internal nursing staff and the PassportUSA nurses themselves identify as team member of the facility. The only difference is from whom the PassportUSA nurses are paid and receive employment benefits, and this is not outwardly visible to the facility’s nursing team.

Multiyear Contracts Guarantee a Foreseeable, Controllable Cost

If you consistently use travel nurses, your expenses can vary drastically from month to month. This makes forecasting for the future difficult, and traps you in a vicious cycle of short-term spending. It’s also time-consuming to review contracts and find the best price for your facility when you’re already understaffed.

With an international healthcare professional on an extended contract, your future can be planned. You can control your spending more effectively when you have longer contracts with international healthcare professionals, which are less expensive than shorter travel nursing contracts on average.

Multiyear Contracts Build a Relationship Between You and the International Healthcare Professional

If you’re hiring an international healthcare professional for an extended contract, you’re investing in your facility for the long-term, and so is your new hire. They may be bringing family with them, and they’ll be adjusting to life in the U.S. You have made their dream come true!

If you’ve created a meaningful connection with an international nurse, you will be rewarded. Most of our nurses (86%) convert to permanent placement once their initial contract is complete. This means that the relationships and synergy they formed with other members of your staff will continue to benefit you even after their multiyear contract is complete.

In Conclusion

Lowering your cost of care delivery, improving patient outcomes, and improving patient satisfaction are goals all healthcare facilities share. The strategic use of international healthcare professionals on longer, temp-to-perm assignments can positively impact all three. If you’d like to learn more about how our candidates can bring these benefits to your facility, click below!



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