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Nurse Sign-On Bonus Program

(50% when you commence work and 50% upon completion of 90 days of service in the U.S.)

You must possess these credentials at the time you sign your PassportUSA agreement and satisfy and maintain all of the conditions contained below in order to remain eligible to receive the bonus. You must provide proof of your credentials, such as active visa screen, current work experience and proof of NCLEX passage. Any bonus compensation that is paid in the US will be taxable as income.

$1,000USD Non-Priority Date Bonus

  • Must have passed NCLEX
  • Must have active VisaScreen
  • Must be kept current until deployment
  • Must have current bedside working experience

$3,000USD US Visa Priority Date Bonus

  • U.S. visa priority date of 2012 or earlier
  • Must have passed NCLEX

Visa Screen Fee Payment

(Limited time offer through March 31, 2018)

Registered nurses in our Achieve program may be eligible to have their Visa Screen costs paid for upfront if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be working as a Registered Nurse (volunteer or paid);
  • Passed NCLEX;
  • Have an unexpired IELTS passing score; and
  • Candidates whose country of origin is India are not eligible

Registered nurses in our Aspire program may be eligible to have their Visa Screen costs reimbursed if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must pass NCLEX and IELTS within 9 months after contract signing; and
  • 50% reimbursed upon departure for USA and 50% after 90 days in the USA

A $540 USD value.

IELTS-Passer Bonus

(Limited time offer through June 30, 2018)

This limited time bonus is open to both current and newly contracted PassportUSA nurses. Just pass IELTS during the promotional period, or show proof that you already have a valid passing IELTS score.

*The bonus payment will be processed at the time of your U.S. visa filing.

Additional Requirements:

  • Passed NCLEX.
  • Additional requirements may apply. Contact your recruiter or processing associate for details.
  • Timing restrictions apply for nurses enrolled in the Aspire program.

A $100 USD value.

NCLEX-Passer Bonus and Exam Fee Reimbursement

This incentive is open to nurses in our Aspire program only. Just pass NCLEX within six months from the date you sign the PassportUSA contract and you qualify for:

  • Immediate reimbursement of NCLEX exam fee ($200 USD) ; and
  • NCLEX bonus of $500 paid 50% upon departure for USA and 50% after 90 days in the USA.

A $700 USD value.

Referral Bonuses

Have you been to the PassportUSA referral bonus page? If not, you could be missing out on a healthy sum of cash. We offer bonuses for:

  • Filipino Registered Nurse
  • “Rest of World” Nurse Referrals (not applicable for Philippines country of origin)
  • Non-Priority Date Registered Nurse Referrals (Philippines country origin)

And there are several types of bonuses beneath each. This page is a must for any candidate serious about coming to the US, or any person who knows of a qualified candidate to submit.

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