With news breaking yesterday that the priority dates for foreign-trained nurses looking to come to the U.S. has jumped up once again, the team at PassportUSA wants to take this opportunity to urge candidates who have a priority date to move as quickly as possible through the process.

Priority dates as of August 2017 Visa Bulletin
Philippines 6/1/2015
India 7/15/2006
China 1/1/2012
Mexico Current
All other countries Current

In many situations, the reason why candidates hoping to start their lives as nurses in America (and who are in possession of a current priority date) can’t get their U.S. visa is due to the lack of a valid VisaScreen. A common hurdle in qualifying for the VisaScreen is IELTS; the candidate hasn’t either taken the exam, hasn’t passed, or the results of their exam have expired.

Don’t let this happen to you

Don’t be caught with a valid priority date but an expired VisaScreen, as priority dates can move backwards!

Here’s what you can do now to avoid being caught in this situation if the priority dates retrogress again:

Study and prepare for the IELTS examination

  • PassportUSA offers free IELTS test prep sources, complete with 15 free practice tests, a grading writing assessment, an email support tutor, and more.
  • You will have access to an IELTS predictive exam that will give you a real-time snapshot of how prepared you are to sit the actual exam.
  • PassportUSA will pay for your IELTS test registration fees.
  • Once you pass IELTs, we will also pay for the cost of your VisaScreen—a $540 value.

Do not procrastinate

If you are contracted with PassportUSA, take advantage of our IELTS Assistance Program and free test prep outlined above. If you are not contracted with PassportUSA, register now. EB-3 priority dates don’t always move forward (in 2015, for example, thy came close to current and then jumped back).

Don’t miss your opportunity—hurry to pass your IELTS exam and secure a valid VisaScreen Certificate.

Register Now

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