PassportUSA has proudly made the American Dream a reality for over 1,000 nurses from over 60 countries during our 15+ years in the international recruitment industry. During our tenure in business we never wavered during US visa retrogression (which is extremely promising for Filipino nurses right now – more on this). We have traveled the world meeting thousands of nurses who aspire to live and work in the United States, or the ‘land of milk and honey’ as many refer to it.

Throughout the years, we have found that many aspiring US nurses travel to the United Arab Emirates to gain bedside hospital care experience before they come to the US. This is because it is often harder to find and be paid for this type of work in their countries of origin and it’s required to have this experience in the US. One of the many ways PassportUSA has made a positive impact on aspiring US nurses in the UAE is by traveling to meet them and other key contacts in the UAE who can help them achieve their career aspirations, whatever they may be. Learn more about our most recent event in the UAE below.

Highlights from the Nurses to USA Roadshow 2019 Event

A strategic partnership PassportUSA has developed is with the Brilliant Training Center in Abu Dhabi, who recently put on the Nurses to USA Roadshow 2019 event in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai. The event was particularly successful because it was beneficial to ALL aspiring US nurses, no matter where they were in their testing and was at no cost to the nurses.

Earl Dalton and Erica Ponchot of PassportUSA with Raymond Datinggaling of the Brilliant Training Center at the Nurses to USA Roadshow event in the UAE

Attendees who have passed their NCLEX exam were extended an exclusive invitation to meet and interview with our Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Manager of Recruitment and Programs. Over 150 nurses attended the event and PassportUSA interviewed 50 of them to join our program!

Earl Dalton, PassportUSA Chief Nursing Officer interviewing an aspiring US nurse at the Nurses to USA Roadshow event in the UAE

In addition to this amazing opportunity for the NCLEX-passed nurses, all nurses were invited to our leadership team presenting how to be successful in the US as a nurse, as well as conducting a question and answer session.

Earl Dalton and Erica Ponchot of PassportUSA with aspiring US nurses at the Nurses to USA Roadshow event in the UAE

Additionally, our team met with the Philippine Ambassador to the UAE and Chairman and members of the Philippine Business Council in the UAE. Meetings like this help us best support the career goals of Filipino nurses in the UAE. Our higher purpose is to Improve Lives and Make Healthcare Work Better and it’s events like these that help us live that purpose!

Earl Dalton and Erica Ponchot of PassportUSA, the Philippine Ambassador to the UAE, Raymond of Brilliant Training Center, and Chairman and member of Philippine Business Council in the UAE

What Are Your Career Aspirations as a Nurse?

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