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Every quarter, PassportUSA’s DAISY award committee selects one of our working nurses to be recognized for their excellence in nursing practice. Our committee receives numerous nurse nominations from recognitions that are shared with the PassportUSA International Employee Supervisors team. The committee then selects one nurse that has gone above and beyond his/her duties.

Other award winners and nominations featured here are from patients, managers, and facilities. We are proud of you all!

Our nursing clinical team coordinates with the hospital to fly in and present the portfolio award and hand-carved serpentine statue to the RN, along with his/her unit there to all celebrate and PassportUSA provides Cinnabons for the entire unit!!

The DAISY award is a prestigious award and every RN that receives it stands out for his/her positive initiatives in consistently helping patients, teammates, and for loving what he/she does!

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DAISY Nomination – Mehran

PassportUSA RN Mehran, was nominated for the DAISY award! Mehran received several WOW cards and praise from his patients and coworkers in the past few months, which has led him to be nominated for the award for the SECOND time! Click on the post to read about Mehran’s WOW cards!

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DAISY Nomination – Jeniffer

PassportUSA RN Jeniffer, was nominated for the DAISY award by FOUR of her former patients! Way to go Jeniffer! Keep up the terrific care. Click on the post to read all of the patient nominations!

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DAISY Nomination – Antonio

PassportUSA RN Antonio was nominated for the DAISY award by a patient and he is proud to be recognized for his kindness and respect towards others! Great work, Antonio!

“As a nurse, I really empathize with my patients. I always treat them with compassion, respect, and with resiliency or flexibility. The nursing profession calls for those who possess those characteristics.” -Antonio

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DAISY Nomination – Rose

Rose is a PassportUSA RN currently working in Illinois and she was nominated for the DAISY award for championing excellence! Congratulations to Rose for being super focused and staying on track with tasks!

“I appreciate the positivity at this time. I am doing the best I can and I am just grateful to know that I am appreciated.” -Rose

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DAISY Nomination – Sonia

Sonia was nominated for the DAISY award by a patient and the patient circled ALL of the criteria available for why Sonia deserves the award!

“Sonia is very caring and a joy to be in her care. She is a wonderful person and a very good nurse. To me she was an angel.”

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DAISY Nomination – Marian

Marian was nominated for the DAISY award! Marian, we greatly appreciate your dedication to your profession! Thank you for making a difference every day.

“I always try to do my work diligently and be compassionate with my patients. A simple smile or “Thank You” from them means a lot. To be mentioned in a DAISY nomination is a reminder for me to continuously work on providing the best care possible to my patients.” -Marian

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