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Every quarter, PassportUSA’s DAISY award committee selects one of our working nurses to be recognized for their excellence in nursing practice. Our committee receives numerous nurse nominations from recognitions that are shared with PassportUSA’s International Employee Supervisors team. The committee then selects one nurse that has gone above and beyond his/her duties.

Other award winners and nominations featured here are from patients, managers, and facilities. We are proud of you all!

Our nursing managers, Donita and Christy, coordinate with the hospital to fly in and present the portfolio award and hand-carved serpentine statue to the RN, along with his/her unit there to all celebrate and PassportUSA provides Cinnabons for the entire unit!!

The DAISY award is a prestigious award and every RN that receives it stands out for his/her positive initiatives in consistently helping patients, teammates, and for loving what he/she does!

For more information about the DAISY award and presentation, please check out

DAISY Nomination – Lyrah

Lyrah received her third DAISY nomination! "Thank you for always supporting me in all my endeavors..."-Lyrah
DAISY Nomination – Lyrah

DAISY Nomination – Mylene

Mylene received a DAISY nomination from one of her patients! Outstanding service Mylene! "I'm happy that my patient was thankful for the care I've done!" -Mylene
DAISY Nomination – Mylene

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