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Every quarter, PassportUSA’s DAISY award committee selects one of our working nurses to be recognized for their excellence in nursing practice. Our committee receives numerous nurse nominations from recognitions that are shared with the PassportUSA International Employee Supervisors team. The committee then selects one nurse that has gone above and beyond his/her duties.

Other award winners and nominations featured here are from patients, managers, and facilities. We are proud of you all!

Our nursing clinical team coordinates with the hospital to fly in and present the portfolio award and hand-carved serpentine statue to the RN, along with his/her unit there to all celebrate and PassportUSA provides Cinnabons for the entire unit!!

The DAISY award is a prestigious award and every RN that receives it stands out for his/her positive initiatives in consistently helping patients, teammates, and for loving what he/she does!

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DAISY Nomination – Cheryll

Cheryll was nominated for the DAISY award! Keep up the fantastic care, Cheryll!

“Cheryll was very meticulous in delivering her care. She brings a calm environment with her into the room. She is good at listening to every complaint and goes out of her way to find a solution. Even when the same question is repeated, she responds again with kindness to convey the message. She was timely and she did her job efficiently as well as cheerfully.”

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DAISY Nomination – Diana

Diana was nominated for the DAISY award! Thank you for providing amazing care, Diana!

“I am really happy that one of my patients recognized my hard work. I am also the facility’s Employee of the Month for January 2020! Thank you so much to everyone who is proud of PassportUSA’s healthcare professionals’ achievements. I am proud too because I cannot do this without the help of everyone during my first year in the USA. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Diana

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DAISY Nomination – Ryan and Gemma

PassportUSA RNs Ryan and Gemma were both recently nominated for the DAISY award by patients, families, and their peers! Excellent work Ryan and Gemma!

“We are blessed to be recognized.” – Ryan and Gemma

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DAISY Nomination – Lorveline

DAISY Nomination – Lorveline

Lorveline received her second nomination for the DAISY award this year! Great work, Lorveline!

“I have always been very grateful for this opportunity. I treat my patients and their families with respect and treat them as if they are my family as well.” -Lorveline

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Q4 2019 DAISY Award Winner – Filipina

PassportUSA presented in person the DAISY award to our RN, Filipina! Congratulations Filipina! Impeccable performance and care. Filipina is currently working in Illinois. She is being recognized for the Q4 DAISY award for her compassion and great care.

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DAISY Nomination – Jojie

Jojie was recently nominated for the DAISY award! Great job Jojie! Thank you for your dedication and service.

“I feel so blessed and thankful that the care I am giving is being appreciated by my patients. They take their time to write about how I made them feel during their hospitalization and nominated me. They are my inspiration to keep going even though there are tough days.” -Jojie

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