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Every quarter, PassportUSA’s DAISY award committee selects one of our working nurses to be recognized for their excellence in nursing practice. Our committee receives numerous nurse nominations from recognitions that are shared with the PassportUSA International Employee Supervisors team. The committee then selects one nurse that has gone above and beyond his/her duties.

Other award winners and nominations featured here are from patients, managers, and facilities. We are proud of you all!

Our nursing clinical team coordinates with the hospital to fly in and present the portfolio award and hand-carved serpentine statue to the RN, along with his/her unit there to all celebrate and PassportUSA provides Cinnabons for the entire unit!!

The DAISY award is a prestigious award and every RN that receives it stands out for his/her positive initiatives in consistently helping patients, teammates, and for loving what he/she does!

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DAISY Nomination – Lorveline

Lorveline was recently nominated for the DAISY award! A great honor Lorveline! Keep up the spectacular care.

“I have received thoughtful letters from my patients. I am always grateful to PassportUSA/Health Carousel for giving me this opportunity to work in the U.S.” -Lorveline

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Q3 2019 DAISY Award Winner – Paraluman

PassportUSA presented in person the DAISY award to our RN, Paraluman! Congratulations Paraluman! Impeccable performance and care. Paraluman is currently working in Iowa. She is being recognized for the Q3 DAISY award for her kindness and compassion. An excellent job Paraluman! We are extremely proud of you.

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DAISY Nomination – Dianne

Dianne started her work assignment in May 2019 and was nominated for the August 2019 DAISY award within 3 months of working! That is incredible Dianne! Your dedication for nursing is spectacularly admirable. Keep up the amazing work!

“Dianne helped comfort me when I was hurting and scared after surgery. She helped me a lot!”

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DAISY Nomination – Girlie Mae

Girlie Mae started her work assignment in February 2019 and has already gotten nominated for the DAISY award within 5 months of working! A fantastic feat Girlie! We are impressed by your hard work and passion for nursing.

“On 7/9/19 Nurse Girlie went above and beyond excellent service. Despite a very busy schedule this day, she spent a tremendous amount of time getting me ready for my colonoscopy surgery. Her skills and professionalism should be noteworthy.”

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DAISY Award Winner – Kim

Kim won the DAISY Award from her facility! Extraordinary service Kim! Kim specializes in telemetry and has been nominated at least three times for the award. Congratulations Kim!

“I am excited to send you these photos. I was recognized and awarded as the DAISY award honoree this quarter. I am honored and will be more compassionate about what I do.” -Kim

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DAISY Nomination – Je Melvin

Je Melvin received a DAISY nomination from a coworker for his hard work to help a patient take her medication! Great care Je Melvin!

“Melvin went far beyond regular work when I couldn’t get the patient to take her meds crushed in apple sauce. When she would spit it out, Je Melvin went out of his way to stay with her to make sure she ate it. What a great nurse and a wonderful person. He did it with a smile on his face. God bless him and you all. He deserves this award.”

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