The priority dates for November are out, and EB-3 priority dates for nurses in the Philippines have moved to 1/15/2016. This is a month and a half of forward movement. The previous month’s priority date was 12/1/2015.

Here are some other notable items from the bulletin:

EB-2 dates for the Philippines and all countries but India and China: Remain current

EB-3s for all countries but the Philippines, China, and India: Remains current

EB-3s for India: 10/15/2006 (no movement)

EB-3s China: 2/1/2014 (one month forward)

All of us here at PassportUSA are excited for our nurses whose priority dates suddenly became current. What are you waiting for? Register by clicking the button below and we’ll help make your #AmericanDream an reality!

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