Health Carousel is proud to announce a very exciting collaboration with the National Rural Healthcare Association. Health Carousel Workforce Solutions will be the official Pipeline Partner for NRHA’s network of 1900+ rural hospitals. It is our vision that every patient in the United States has access to a qualified healthcare professional when and where they need them through our healthcare staffing solutions.

Check out our partner profile page here!

To kick off the partnership, Health Carousel Chief Nursing Officer, Earl Dalton, will be sharing industry insights on flexible staffing & innovative solutions for rural hospitals at the National Rural Healthcare Association’s Annual Conference. Dalton will discuss the impact of inadequate nurse staffing in hospital units, and offer insights into how an international workforce can help hospitals maintain optimal patient-nurse ratios.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The negative impact of inadequate staffing
  • Understanding true vacancy & operational vacancy
  • Benefits of flexible staffing models for preparing your workforce
  • How rural hospitals can leverage contingent & international staffing
  • Reducing the burden of staffing with Managed Services Programs (MSPs)

The virtual conference will be held from May 4-7, 2021. You can register for the virtual event here.

Want to tune in? Request tickets FREE OF CHARGE by emailing — we’ll have you covered!

Can’t make it? No worries. A recording of the webinar on Flexible Staffing: Innovative Solutions for Rural Hospitals will be captured and available for public viewing following the conference. Stay tuned!

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