There are many ways to save money, and one way is by living environmentally friendly. By going green, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

These are some tips on how you can live environmentally friendly:

  • Turn your lights off and unplug your electronic devices when not in use.
  • Switch to LED bulbs. They last longer and use less energy than incandescent light bulbs.
  • Grow vegetables inside your home or on your patio.
  • Run full loads in your dishwasher, washer, and dryer.
  • Use a water filter for your sink or a pitcher and use reusable water bottles.
  • Store extra food in glass containers with reusable lids to reduce using plastic wrap.
  • Incorporate using dish towels and rags so you use less paper towels.
  • Turn off the tap water while you brush your teeth.
  • Go paperless by paying your bills online.
  • Have separate bins for trash and recycling. If your apartment doesn’t have recycling on-site, look up where your nearest neighborhood recycling drop point is located.
  • Don’t idle in your car. This will help save gas and reduce air pollution.

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