If you are an international healthcare professional who is ready to embark on your journey to live and work in the United States, this article is for you. You may have spoken to a couple of companies that you were interested in sponsoring you on your journey. You’ve heard about their benefits, their process, and their contract details. It’s difficult to know what is best for you before you get to the U.S. We have taken the time to share with you why a 36-month contract has helped thousands of Registered Nurses like you become successful in the United States.

36 Months of Work Experience is Attractive to U.S. Employers

One of the most compelling things about coming to work in the United States on the EB3 visa is that you can stay in the United States when your agreement with PassportUSA is complete. To continue to work after your contract is over, you will need to either get hired on permanently at the healthcare facility where you were assigned or obtain a position at a new healthcare facility. The nursing job market in the U.S. is very competitive and one of the #1 priorities U.S. Healthcare facilities have when hiring a foreign educated healthcare professional is to find someone with consistent, long term job experience in the U.S. Since U.S. employers value work experience very much, it’s highly important that you have consistent tenure at a U.S. Healthcare facility in order to secure another job opportunity. PassportUSA sets you up for success by giving you the opportunity to gain on the job experience in the U.S. and this is extremely valuable to have on your resume when you begin applying to another job position in the U.S.  3 years, or 36 months is an ideal number to be considered for future roles.

36-Month Contracts Do Not Require Travel Nursing

If you are offered a shorter contract length than 36 months, there is the possibility of having to travel and work in multiple facilities to gain the experience needed to find your permanent home in the United States. In the U.S., travel nursing is popular, but it requires you to move to a different geo-location every 13 weeks for a new contract assignment which can be very stressful. We have found that this does not work very well for foreign educated healthcare professionals since it does not set you up for success in your transition to practice within the U.S. When you sign a 36-month contract with PassportUSA, the intention is for you to become acclimated to one facility, feel like you are a part of a team who offers constant support, put down roots within the community and be set up for long-term success, whether that be with that facility or a different location after your contract is complete. Additionally, if your loved ones are moving with you, they can settle in to one location without the disruption of having to move every 13 weeks for your next assignment.

36 Months Drives Loyalty Between Nurse and Facility

As stated before, it’s a very common concern of foreign educated healthcare professionals on an assignment in the United States to worry about finding another job when their contract period is complete. PassportUSA has placed thousands of healthcare professionals in various healthcare facilitates in the U.S. and it might surprise you to know that 86% of our candidates end up accepting a permanent, lucrative (and sometimes leadership) position to remain at that facility after their PassportUSA contract is complete! That’s incredible odds and the 36-month commitment period, which develops U.S. experience and loyalty between a nurse and their team/facility is a big contributor to that success, in addition to the dedicated customer service PassportUSA offers candidates.

In Closing

Taking the leap of faith to fulfill your American Dream is not a small decision and there are lots of decisions to be made during the process. We have seen our healthcare professionals find that it’s worth the wait and trust you must put in to get started. We hope that your newfound education on the benefits of a 36-month contract helps you be more informed to make your decision.

If you are ready to learn more about the PassportUSA commitment and our program that sets you up for a successful life and career in the United States, apply today!

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