International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. The International Council of Nurses designated this year’s theme as “Nurses: A voice to lead – Health for All”.

Nurses are essential in transforming health care and health systems such that no person is left behind, without access to care or impoverished because of their need for health care. Health for All means not just the availability of health services, but a complete state of physical and mental health that enables a person to lead a socially and economically productive life.

If you dream of working in the USA as a nurse where you are held in high regard and honored each year for your profession, we encourage you to register with PassportUSA for all of the advice and assistance you will need to make your #AmericanDream a reality.

Achieve Your #AmericanDream

PassportUSA would like to extend a special thanks to the hundreds of international nurses currently working for us at healthcare facilities across the United States.

To help celebrate on social media, feel free to use the hashtag #internationalnursesday.

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