“Health Carousel was recommended by my friend, Angeline because she personally knew one of their applicants that was deployed through their agency. We went to the Health Carousel Philippines office in 2014 and signed the contract after the discussion because we already had NCLEX, IELTS and the VisaScreen (they will reimburse the expenses). My priority date was issued February 2015. The Processing Associates were really good in following up with me about any needed requirements. Most of our transactions were through emails and calls. They have been giving me updates regarding the visa bulletin every month. Even my interview process was different as I had it in New Zealand. I am grateful to Je Ann, Roda, Maricris, Valerie, Cherryl, Efraim, Mark, Connie and Kimberly for responding to my queries, processing my license renewal and guiding me throughout the process. It has been 10 years since I took my NCLEX and decided that I want to practice nursing in the USA. The visa application is worth the wait because I am flying to the U.S. on February 6. To my fellow nurses with American dreams, it is possible if you focus on your goal and work hard for it. Hone your nursing skills, accumulate experience, and keep your endurance. You may feel stuck or stagnant at some point but giving up is definitely not the option. Cheers.”

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: New Mexico
DEPLOYMENT DATE: February 6, 2019

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