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Your American Dream, Our Commitment.

PassportUSA is committed to placing you in the USA as soon as possible. One way to improve your speed to placement is by having active IELTS scores. You see, some U.S. states require an active IELTS score for licensure – even if your VisaScreen is still active.

So, by being eligible for licensure in more U.S. states your chances of being placed sooner increase.

Our free PassportUSA IELTS Academy is designed to fit IELTS prep into your already busy schedule. We provide the free resources and you pick the ones that work well for you!

CLICK: Road to IELTS Info

100% online prep with unlimited 1-year access to the complete Road to IELTS prep package.

CLICK: Review Center Info

We'll reimburse up to $120 for enrollment in an in-person IELTS prep course at an approved review center near you.

CLICK: Skype Session Info

Participate in Skype coaching sessions 2-3 times a week. Designed for candidates with approaching test dates who just need to polish up their English skills.

Road to IELTS

OVERVIEW: Road to IELTS is a comprehensive 100% online preparation course designed by British Council IELTS experts. The online service covers listening, reading, writing and speaking.


  • 1 year unlimited access
  • 36 mock tests, including 9 for Speaking Part 2
  • Over 300 interactive exercises to choose from
  • Video advice from British Council experts
  • Exclusive access to the full set of 6 Study Guides
  • A test timer, exam countdown, study planner…and more!

In-Person Review Center

OVERVIEW: PassportUSA will reimburse up to $120 for enrollment in an in-person IELTS prep course. A free IELTS predictive exam will be administered at the end of the course.


  • Your choice of review center must be approved in advance by PassportUSA
  • The contact information of a Center Representative must be provided in advance
  • A summary of attendance must be provided by a Center Representative at the end of the course
  • Attendance at a minimum of 85% of total classes is required

Skype Sessions

ELIGIBILITY: To take advantage of Skype session you must have a confirmed IELTS / TOEFL test date within the next 30 days.


  • 2-3 Skype sessions per week. (depending on need)
  • Assignment of additional or alternative voice recorder assignments as needed
  • Follow-up email with notes on your progress and recommendations

PassportUSA IELTS Academy

Refresh your English skills to maximize your U.S. readiness.

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