For Filipino nurses working in the United States, getting acclimated to a new country and culture can sometimes present challenges. While the experienced team at PassportUSA will certainly be with you throughout this transition to ensure you are as comfortable and confident as possible, having access to someone from the Philippines who has gone through many of the same experiences could also be of great benefit.

With that in mind, PassportUSA is excited to recommend the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) to any Filipino nurse who is currently working as an RN in the U.S., or who plans to be soon. In addition to the fantastic annual events hosted by the organization—like the PNAA National Convention (check out the video below)—the PNAA can provide useful resources and an engaged community for Filipino nurses to interact with regularly.

In addition to the exciting resources provided by the PNAA, the philanthropic arm of the organization, the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation (PNAAF) supports the professional advancement of Filipino nurses in the U.S. through nursing care, education, management, and research.

Ready join the PNAA? Or simply want to learn more about the specific opportunities and resources offered by the organization? Click the button below to see contact information for PNAA’s regional sub-chapters.

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