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What Is Float Nursing?

One of the best aspects of being a nurse is that every shift is not the same. Nurses work in different settings and specialties and here in the U.S., nurses may have the opportunity to float. What is a Float Nurse? A float nurse is a nurse that works between different...

How To Handle Angry Patients

You have likely come across unhappy patients during your career so far. They may be in pain, lost their independence, or they feel stressed out and anxious to get out of the hospital. Thus, the patients tend to lash out at the next person they see or talk to, and it...

Adjusting To Rotating Shifts

Adjusting To Rotating Shifts

You are probably used to being awake during the day, but how do you best adjust to rotating shifts? Rotating shifts are also known as variable or swing shifts. Depending on the facility you work at, you may be on shifts where you work a certain few days or a few weeks...

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