Foreign-Educated Nurses Rack Up Daisy Awards

Shown below are the most recent PassportUSA nurses that have received or been nominated for a Daisy Award by colleagues or patients at their assigned U.S. healthcare facility. Nothing speaks more to the high quality, compassionate care that our nurses provide than being a recipient of the Daisy Award.

    • DAISY Nomination – Girlie Mae

      DAISY Nomination – Girlie Mae

      Girlie Mae started her work assignment in February 2019 and has already gotten nominated for the DAISY award within 6 months of working! A fantastic …
    • DAISY Award Winner – Kim

      DAISY Award Winner – Kim

      Kim won the DAISY Award from her facility! Extraordinary service Kim! Kim specializes in telemetry and has been nominated at least three times for the …
    • DAISY Nomination – Je Melvin

      DAISY Nomination – Je Melvin

      Je Melvin received a DAISY nomination from a coworker for his hard work to help a patient take her medication! Great care Je Melvin! “Melvin …

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