Deanna received the DAISY Award from her facility! Congratulations Deanna!

“On my first week back from maternity leave, I am happy to share that I got the DAISY Award. That was unexpected, I did not even know I was nominated. And how can I forget to email you about it right away! It was a wonderful come back gift for me! It inspires me to work harder. Wishing everyone a wonderful week!” -Deanna

The nomination says: “When my father, Dr. Frank was admitted to the hospital June 1, it wasn’t just because he had a major stroke. He was also suffering from profound grief after learning his beloved son-in-law had died in an accident. He was weak, he was ill, he was sad, and very frustrated he could not be a comfort to my sister. This frustration was heard by all who were in a position to care for him. He truly won the ‘Dr’s are the worst patients award.’

Deanna was with him for most of his stay. Thank goodness she was his nurse the first and last day (June 4) of his stay, Her gentle demeanor, listening and caring ears and heart, and sense of humor kept him and me steady. She was one of the very few who addressed him as Dr. instead of Mr. She was one of the few who saw a man grieving instead of a cranky old man. She is the rare nurse that I felt 100% comfortable leaving him with. Thank you so much Deanna! I sincerely hope you know how special you are.” -Beverly, daughter of Dr. Frank


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