A big congratulations to our latest DAISY nominees for their valiant effort and dedication to nursing: Amelyn, Jessica, and Jenalyn!

PassportUSA RN Amelyn, was nominated for the DAISY award for communicating effectively with her patient:

“She is so compassionate and efficient. She immediately took care of my needs after my surgery. I never felt like I was an inconvenience or a burden despite the other patients she had to take care of. She advocated for me at the hospital when a nighttime emergency came up.I felt like I was the only patient she had to take care of.”

PassportUSA RN Jessica, was nominated for the DAISY award for providing quality service to the patients:

PassportUSA RN Jenalyn, was nominated for the DAISY award for taking great care during her patient’s stay:

If you have any DAISY nominations or DAISY awards you receive from your facility and want to share it in the PassportUSA blog, please send it to your IES. We will blur out any confidential information.

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