When can we interview?  Depending on the review for licensure and qualifications for the position, the interviews can usually be set up within 48 hours.

How good is their English?  No candidate can enter into our program without a qualifying English exam score. You can personally confirm their English proficiency when you interview them. There are no surprises.

How do they get here? PassportUSA will typically hand-deliver candidates to their destination and in most cases assist with start-up initiatives like opening a bank account, finding the grocery store or setting up Social Security. PassportUSA also employs arrival coordinators whose goal is to ensure a stress-free arrival and start.

Who takes care of everything?  Candidate housing? Visas, licenses, immigration? PassportUSA staffs an internal team of attorneys, travel/housing coordinators and credentialing experts that handle all immigration logistics. Some scenarios do require teamwork between PassportUSA and the client to find adequate housing.

Productivity? Adaptability?  Not only can you ask any client of PassportUSA, but we keep a running survey of feedback from clients and house it on our site. Results are automatically uploaded to the page, meaning clients can assess satisfaction and results in real-time. View the PassportUSA report card here.

Orientation?  PassportUSA does offer a discounted rate while the candidate is in orientation.

What if census drops?  If your candidate is no longer needed, PassportUSA can move them with proper notice.

Not productive? Non-compliant, etc.? In the event you find your candidate is non-productive or non-compliant, notify PassportUSA immediately to explore other options and to move the candidate from your facility.

Additional costs? During the course of the assignment, there are no other costs, no fees, other than hours & mileage for home health. At the end of the assignment, there’s no conversion fee; however, if a visa transfer is required, fees may apply if necessary.

Driving? Candidates are contractually required to drive and they know this before signing. For home health candidates, driving instruction is provided by PassportUSA. Also, PassportUSA will leverage its resources to provide an opportunity for candidates to purchase a car.

Will they convert? While conversion cannot be guaranteed, PassportUSA does boast a high conversion rate of 86 percent. By providing a good work environment, you can increase the likelihood a candidate will convert once the assignment is over.

Holiday and vacation and overtime policy? PassportUSA observes all facility holidays and all vacations are approved in advance.

Do all candidates come with an active state license? All candidates start with an active license. The PassportUSA immigration team will then work to ensure the candidate receives the proper state license per your facility.

What if my facility demands that staff comply with facility policy of no tobacco use?  PassportUSA screens all candidates beforehand; furthermore, policies are covered once again in the interview. We work with many systems that require the same policy. But for good measure, clients should provide specific hiring policies prior to the interview.

Will assignment confirmation letter terms be the same for all candidates based upon our agreed upon terms? Yes.

Will candidates be able to float between med surg units and not be isolated to one unit? They can; however, to select a candidate who can float, PassportUSA must thoroughly screen the candidate for job requirements and ensure they are comfortable to float. If you expect a candidate to float, you must notify PassportUSA ahead of time.

If there are performance standard issues, does the documentation need to go to both PassportUSA HR?  Because the candidate is an employee of PassportUSA, simply send PassportUSA written notification of what’s happening and your account manager will work with you on a proper plan-of-action.

While we are in the verbal stages, does the director alert you verbally to concerns that are being addressed? As soon as an issue arises, PassportUSA asks to be contacted immediately to address issues with the candidate. The director should also speak with candidates as well.

What if we also require the candidate to clock in and out within our system? That’s fine.

How is PTO addressed? Candidates are offered three weeks of paid-time-off (PTO), and approval must be given by both your facility and PassportUSA. PassportUSA does have employee support specialists who instruct candidates on the PTO process and how to properly request it.

What are the guidelines for determining normal orientation or “extended” orientation? The orientation discount will be stated in the individual Assignment Confirmation letter. The orientation period will also be stated in the Assignment confirmation letter. It is generally 4-8 weeks, but can be extended if necessary for the particular candidate.

Bill Rate – Are health benefits included as part of your benefits to the employee?  PassportUSA does offer comprehensive health insurance, including vision and dental insurance to all of our employees.  We can provide you with a benefits sheet of what is offered to our candidates.

OT/Double time rates:  Contract says this will be confirmed in the Professionals Assignment Confirmation Letter.  Can this not be included into the contract?  The OT/Double time rates are set in the assignment confirmation letter, but the rates can be made consistent with your facilities practices.  We do not include the Assignment confirmation or the rates in the contract.  This allows us to adjust smaller pay terms accordingly without having to amend the entire agreement.  We can send you a sample assignment confirmation letter to review.

Conversion to Direct Employment:  this section discusses when the person can transition employment, but there is no concrete date or time. The employee can convert for no fee after the Assignment Period is completed. The Assignment period will be indicated in the specific assignment confirmation letter. Generally it is orientation plus the greater of 36 months or 6,240 hours.

Withdrawal of Professional of Termination of Assignment Contract discusses that HCLLC has the right to terminate an assignment or withdraw a professional at any time and use its best interests to replace professional to minimize interruption.  If this occurs, does the replacement step into the contract time at the point the other individual left? i.e. if employee was here 18 months, and HCLLC withdraws professional does new employee step in at the 18 months or does the 36 months start all over? The replacement employee would not step into the contract at the point another employee leaves. The new assignment period would be based on the new employee and a new assignment confirmation letter for that employee, which would likely be the standard assignment period of orientation plus the greater of 36 months or 6,240 hours.

Facility Requirements:  Will the employee be required to meet the facility annual requirements? This may include annual flu shot, etc.  Yes, PassportUSA ensures that professionals complete any annual competencies that are required by your facility. We would request that a list of these competencies be sent to Health Carousel before a professional begins work so we can make sure the requirements are met.