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Thriving In Success – Emmanuela

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Emmanuela, a registered nurse, who has now reached the end of her temp-to-perm assignment.

Emmanuela arrived in the U.S. with her husband and two sons in 2016 to improve their quality of life. Emmanuela has achieved many milestones while residing in the U.S. She purchased a brand new car, transitioned to various units, and continues to thrive in her success. Click on this article to read more about Emmanuela’s story.

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Making A Difference For Those In Need – Kerobin, USRN

Spotlight healthcare professionals are chosen by their International Employee Supervisor. These individuals stand out for their exceptional journeys and commitment to Health Carousel. We like to share their stories to promote their successes, and motivate others who are going through similar experiences.

We are proud to announce that the September Spotlight of the Month is Kerobin! Congratulations Kerobin!

Kerobin is from the Philippines and is currently working at a client facility in Maine. She has been working in her field for 7 years and has been with PassportUSA for almost one year.

How does working in the U.S. differ from your healthcare career abroad? “Financially speaking, I was able to pay my outstanding bills in Canada within a few months of working in the U.S. My life changed significantly in the correctional nursing setting. My physical assessment skills were enhanced due to the volume of sick calls that I needed to attend to each day.” -Kerobin

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Eudora, Victoria, Jesper

Employee of the Month winners are formally nominated by the client facility, supervisor or a co-worker. They have been nominated because they stand out from their peers and show exemplary service to their practice and patients. Their performance goes above and beyond facilities’ expectations.

We are hereby honored to announce that the winners of August 2020’s RN and Allied Employee of the Month contests are Eudora, Victoria, and Jesper! Congratulations to these outstanding healthcare professionals!

“What I like most about this facility is that they give time and space for me to grow and learn new things.” -Eudora

“What I love most about being a nurse is that I am able to provide care to my patients’ well-being and then when you see them get back on their feet, that is the most rewarding feeling.” -Victoria

What I like most about working here is that we treat each other with the utmost respect and they make you feel like you’re part of a great family. Every member of the team is there to help you and they make sure no one is left behind.” -Jesper

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Blog Reader Survey

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The purpose of the PassportUSA blog is to educate readers on various topics regarding immigration updates, required test-taking information, industry-related news, and showcase U.S. healthcare professional success stories.

We’re asking our readers to please take a moment to give feedback on what you’d like to see on the PassportUSA blog, so we can provide relevant content pertaining to the next stages of your American journey. Simply click on this post to access the survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

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Health Carousel’s Chief Nursing Officer selected to Join The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Advisory Council

Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer, was appointed to The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Advisory Council. This council was created to assist in driving The Joint Commission mission of evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value through The Joint Commission’s health care staffing program.

“I am honored to be selected to the Joint Commissions Staffing advisory Council with other top staffing experts in the industry. The Joint Commission has always stood for quality, excellence and most importantly advocation for the welfare of patients and the communities in which they live. Since 1951 the Joint Commission has taken a methodical approach to seeking excellence when it comes to patient care.” -Earl Dalton

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3 Things All Canadian Nurses Must Know to Practice in the USA

There are many reasons why Canadian nurses may want to practice in the USA. Pay, climate, scope of practice, and a greater availability of contract assignments are all common reasons. Fortunately, the U.S. has agreed to offer special visas for citizens of Canada to more easily cross into the U.S. to practice.

Through the PassportUSA Canadian Advance program, we guide Canadian nurses alongside the entire immigration process and offer long-term assignments at some of America’s finest healthcare facilities.

In this article we’ll cover the steps involved in securing a nursing license to practice in the USA AND the U.S. visa type commonly used for registered nurses with Canadian citizenship.

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Q2 2020 DAISY Award Winner – Diana

In light of these unprecedented COVID-19 times, PassportUSA held a virtual presentation of our quarterly DAISY award to our RN, Diana! Congratulations Diana!

Diana is currently working in North Carolina. She is being recognized for the Q2 DAISY award for her compassion and great care. PassportUSA recognizes Diana for the award following lots of nominations that came from her coworkers and former patient.

Check out all of the praise for Diana in this post.

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