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DAISY Nomination – Lorveline

Lorveline was recently nominated for the DAISY award! A great honor Lorveline! Keep up the spectacular care.

“I have received thoughtful letters from my patients. I am always grateful to PassportUSA/Health Carousel for giving me this opportunity to work in the U.S.” -Lorveline

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Proud Preceptor to New RNs – Kathryn Ann #ThankfulThursdays

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Kathryn Ann, RN for the last three years and she has now reached the end of her temp-to-perm assignment. Since working in the U.S., Kathryn became a new home owner! She is ecstatic to have found the perfect home to raise her kids in. She has served as a preceptor to more than five new RNs in the past two years. As a result of Kathryn’s hard work, she earned a promotion and is now a Senior RN at her facility! It is everything she has dreamed of for her family’s #AmericanDream.

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Providing Outstanding Patient Care – Candy

We are hereby honored to announce, that the winner of November 2019’s RN Employee of the Month contest is Candy! Congratulations to Candy!

What do you like most about working with our client? “The facility is a teaching and magnet healthcare facility that provides great opportunities for nurses to learn and enhance their skills. I work with amazing coworkers and we perform excellent teamwork to provide outstanding patient care. I’m so happy to be part of this great team because it helps me to grow, not only to be the best nurse, but also grow as a better person.”

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A Very Rewarding Job – Maria Teresa

We are hereby honored to announce, that the winner of November 2019’s Allied Employee of the Month contest is Maria Teresa! Congratulations to Maria Teresa!

What do you love most about being a PT? “The physical therapist profession is a very rewarding job. Whenever I see my patients demonstrate improvement and progress through their treatment, that gives me greater joy and satisfaction because I know that I am making a difference in their lives.”

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November 2019 Employee of the Month Runner-ups

A huge shout-out to our November Employee of the Month runner-ups: Leslie Ann T., Anna Teresa B., Catherine A., Orge Z., Vivien M., Florence B., Maria Arabella B., Mariah Kristine V., Joan Michelle L., and Nestor Jr. A. Great care everyone!

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Resolve to Get 2020 Off to a Great Start

As the calendar year comes to an end, you may be wondering how you could jump into the new year with achievable goals in mind. If you are a registered nurse interested in joining PassportUSA, we highly recommend you pass NCLEX first. Click on this article to find out how to apply for the NCLEX.

Did you already pass NCLEX? Apply with us now and we can assist you with taking/renewing your IELTS. Whether you are interested in joining us or you are already working for us, we wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Unlocking My U.S. Nursing Potential – Jennyfer

We are proud to announce that the December Spotlight of the Month is Jennyfer! Congratulations Jennyfer!

How has your life and your family’s life changed for the better? “My family will always be grateful to PassportUSA because PassportUSA guided us every step of the way to achieve my dreams of becoming a U.S. nurse. Starting a new life here is like a fresh start to our lives — there are new places to discover, new people to be friends with, a new environment to learn in, and most importantly, a stable job that helps us live a comfortable life.”

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Visa Bulletin

Visa Bulletin

The Visa Bulletin for February 2020 is out, and the EB-3 priority date for nurses in the Philippines has moved forward to June 1, 2018. This is the opportune time to pass NCLEX and IELTS (if you have not done so already). Here are some other notable items from the...

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