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Physical Therapists and the CWT6, Explained

Foreign-trained physical therapists (PTs) must meet certain educational standards to become U.S. licensed and visa eligible. These standards are summarized by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) as coursework tools (CWT). Since July 1, 2009...

FSPBT's CWT6 Explained for Physical Therapists

Video: PassportUSA Info for Your Family


VIDEO: PassportUSA Info for Your Family



“PassportUSA Info for Your Family” Video Transcript

Your loved one is considering immigrating to the USA for new exciting opportunities – and they’ve shortlisted PassportUSA to be their visa sponsor and employer. This video explains why you as a family member should feel comfortable AND excited for them to choose PassportUSA.

PassportUSA is the largest recruiter of international healthcare professionals to the USA. With over a decade of experience, our operations are certified to meet the highest industry standards AND we’re a founding member of an association devoted to the ethical recruitment of international healthcare professionals.

After your family member signs with PassportUSA, they will be helped by a team of professionals including immigration attorneys, career advisors, English language coaches, NCLEX preparation instructors, travel and housing coordinators and more. And once in the USA it’s likely your loved one will work alongside a fellow international healthcare professional or may arrive at a facility with a PassportUSA community already established.

Wondering how much this costs? PassportUSA has never, and will never, charge for services. As an agency, hospitals pay our invoices, not our nurses. We even cover airfare to the USA and provide a housing stipend to establish a U.S. home.

PassportUSA is a “Best Places to Work” award winner and your family member will have ample orientation and training to work in a long-term, full-time position at a great healthcare facility. Consider this . . . 86% of our healthcare professionals choose to stay at their original work location even after their PassportUSA contract ends.

PassportUSA is family-friendly and encourages spouses and eligible dependents to come to the USA. We provide legal assistance to help with family members’ visas and our paid time off package fosters family bonding during memorable vacations.

This is a big decision, but know that PassportUSA has helped hundreds of nurses like your loved one achieve their American dream. You can check out PassportUSA’s recent arrivals online at backslash arrivals.

Video: The PassportUSA Commitment to You


VIDEO: The PassportUSA Commitment to You



“The PassportUSA Commitment to You” Video Transcript

Your dream is to become a healthcare professional in the USA and you’re considering PassportUSA as your partner. Let’s cover everything you get when selecting us as your visa sponsor and employer.

This is “PassportUSA’s Commitment to You.”

When you sign with PassportUSA, you’ll have a dedicated associate who will help you navigate the journey. There is no charge for this or any of our services. We’re investing in you and your career in the USA.

Upon signing our agreement, your associate will let you know the next steps and what documents and credentials we need for U.S. visa filing. You’ll also have immediate access to resources such as free eye-elts and en-clex training.

Our legal experts provide free services to ensure your visa and license are filed correctly. Visa filing services are provided for eligible family members as well and we encourage you to bring them to the USA with you.

Wondering where you’ll live and work in the USA?  PassportUSA is dedicated to finding you a career-boosting assignment at a prestigious U.S. healthcare facility. We serve over 150 facilities across the USA and are adding new ones all the time. You’re assured a long-term placement and a full-time position . . . PassportUSA is not a “travel nursing” agency.

Concerned how you’ll pay to get to the USA or for your housing? Don’t be. PassportUSA pays for your airfare to the States. Upon arrival, you’ll be given a housing allowance, which will cover about a month of temporary housing and an arrival bonus to be used at your discretion. After that, your income as an RN with Passport USA will provide enough for your housing, transportation, and family expenses.

When you land on American soil, a PassportUSA team member will greet you. They’ll help you get a U.S. social security card, open a bank account, settle into housing, and get a car to get around.

As a PassportUSA employee, you’ll receive generous pay and benefits. You’ll be covered by professional liability insurance, plus you’ll receive dental, eyecare, life, disability, and first-day Platinum-level healthcare insurance options for you and your family. We top this off with paid time off for vacation and illness. You may even be surprised with reimbursements for expenses such as testing fees you incurred while getting USA-ready.

If all of this sounds good, then it’s time to speak with your Recruiter and sign a PassportUSA agreement. Visit to apply and for more videos on healthcare careers in the USA.

Physical Therapists and the CWT6, Explained


Foreign-trained physical therapists (PTs) must meet certain educational standards to become U.S. licensed and visa eligible. These standards are summarized by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) as coursework tools (CWT). Since July 1, 2009 the coursework tool has been CWT5. Starting January 1, 2017 CWT5 is being replaced by CWT6.

As a physical therapist you should read this article to learn how CWT6 will impact you.

Why is a coursework tool needed?

The FSBPT provides a brief explanation on its site:

“The Coursework Tools for Foreign Educated Physical Therapists (CWT) were developed by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) in response to the needs of its member jurisdictions (U.S. States) for a standardized method to evaluate the educational equivalence of foreign educated physical therapists.  Adoption of the tools would allow the same mobility of foreign-educated PTs as that afforded to US-educated graduates.”

What is changing with CWT6?

We’ll outline the current requirements, followed by what’s new in CWT6. The CWT6 additions will follow “CWT6” in bold below:

  • The minimum degree required is effectively a DPT. With the new coursework tool, your conferred degree must be equivalent to an entry-level or first professional degree for a US PT, which is the doctor of physical therapy (DPT). CWT6: Educational equivalencies and a BPT are no longer accepted.
  • A minimum of 170 semester credit hours, which includes general and professional education. CWT6: 20 more credit hours than CWT5.
  • CWT6 added general education requirements in additional subject areas.
  • Professional education demands 68 classroom credit hours and 22 clinical education credits.  CWT6: The total number of credits remains 90 but the breakout of classroom and clinical differs.
  • Clinical education credits are capped at a maximum of 22 hours. The clinical education must consist of no less than 1,050 hours total and supervised by a PT. CWT6: The credits awarded dropped one credit hour from 23, but the hours required jumped up from 800 to 1,050.
  • CWT6 requires that the clinical education consist of TWO internships in DIFFERING practice settings.

Be sure to download the CWT6 in-full from the FSBPT website. It provides a worksheet you can use to compare your current education to the new requirements.

Introducing the Excel Program

PassportUSA Excel Program for PTsHas CWT6 may dampened your dream of working in the USA? Enter PassportUSA’s Excel program, which will help BPTs quickly become DPTs, without having to pay for the advanced degree upfront.

Here’s how the Excel program works:

  • PassportUSA has partnered with two U.S. academic institutions to create an online education program to meet the CWT6 standards.
  • PassportUSA covers all costs associated with the Excel program in advance. That includes your tuition, fees, and textbooks.
  • A low-cost repayment cycle begins once you begin your assignment.
  •  PassportUSA extends the re-payments over the course of your contract.
  • Because of PassportUSA’s clout and volume of applicants, you will also save 10 percent off normal tuition rates.

As an international PT with the #AmericanDream of living and working in the US, click the button below to learn more about Excel.

Learn More About EXCEL Now!

FSPBT's CWT6 Explained for Physical Therapists
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