“I joined the program in 2016 and I had a smooth application process. Working hand in hand with my advisors was a delight. They keep you updated and informed of the things that are happening and remind you of the requirements you need to accomplish. They were very helpful and approachable with all my concerns and questions.

My advisors were very supportive and accommodating. They gave me pointers and help kept me on track throughout my processing. My two takeaways throughout this process are to be focused and committed. Great things take time and this was totally worth the wait.

Don’t stop chasing your dreams. As long as you focus and commit yourself to reach that dream, you will eventually achieve it. A huge part of that success was a great support system and reliable agency to guide you along the way.”

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
ORIGIN: Philippines
LOCATION: West Virginia
DEPLOYMENT DATE: March 15, 2021

Achieve Your #AmericanDream

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