“I signed up with Health Carousel back in September 2016. I had no issues with regard to my application especially for processing my US visa. I am very grateful to them for processing everything for me. I waited and was worry-free. It is so worth it! Finally, my sleepless nights are over. Through their help, my dreams are now on my grasp. I have been telling my friends about Health Carousel as I wanted to help nurses like me achieve their dream too.

Thank you Health Carousel for the unwavering support from the very beginning until my smooth transition to US, and for sending me learning materials to enhance my nursing practice. A special thanks to my advisor Lenci, who has been wonderful and superb with everything she does. Thanks for answering my inquiries and for keeping me posted at all times.

To my fellow nurses under Health Carousel, I’ve been through what you’ve went through. Keep praying and don’t ever lose hope that you are on the right track. Your time will come and before you know it, it’s already the day of your deployment. God bless everyone!”

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: New Mexico

Achieve Your #AmericanDream

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