“I joined the program in December 2017 while I was preparing for my NCLEX exam. The application process was really tough with the delays I had encountered since my I-140 filing such as waiting for my priority date to be current and the multiple retrogressions. However, I am truly grateful for the Health Carousel team who never left me and they have been really supportive of each step for me to achieve my American Dream.

I am thankful for my program advisor, Marth, who was very supportive when I was just starting the process.  I am also really grateful to my international deployment advisor, Raissa, because, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she contactd me through SMS, emails, and messenger even during her vacation leave and weekends.

What I learned throughout this process are: (1) Delays and setbacks will make you stronger and just keep your faith in God because everything will come in perfect timing and (2) I really love to share this bible verse because it is an important part of my application, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.

The application process is tough but with faith, perseverance, and patience you will achieve your dream. Also, with the right attitude and the right people around you, you are in a good place. I have been with Health Carousel since December 2017 and despite all the delays every step, finally I am able to finally say that I am ready to make my American Dream into reality. I am really thankful to the Health Carousel team!”

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
ORIGIN: Philippines
LOCATION: North Carolina
DEPLOYMENT DATE: February 15, 2021

Achieve Your #AmericanDream

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