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Video Transcript:

If your dream is to work in the USA as a nurse, passing the U.S. national nursing licensure examination, known as the NCLEX, must be your number one priority. And this video will help you do it. This is “All About NCLEX.”

So what’s NCLEX? NCLEX is a computer adaptive test used to test your medical knowledge, nursing, and critical thinking skills. It has a maximum of 265 questions and a five-hour time limit. Because NCLEX is an adaptive test, the number and difficulty of questions asked will differ for every test-taker.  It’s possible to pass NCLEX in just 75 questions!

Before we continue, we want to make three major points very clear:

  • One, your NCLEX results will never expire;
  • Two, with NCLEX, you can apply to work in any state; and
  • Three, experience IS NOT required to take NCLEX.

Keep these in mind as we continue through the NCLEX experience.

You should take NCLEX soon after graduating nursing school. Studies show taking NCLEX quickly after finishing nursing school increases the odds of success. If it’s been a while since graduation, don’t worry, you’ll just need a bit more time for test preparation.

So how do you register for NCLEX? You’ll have to get an Authorization to Test, or A.T.T., from a U.S. state board of nursing. You can apply through any U.S. state, but we recommend avoiding state nursing boards that require a U.S. social security card. There are a handful of these states.

It’s okay to obtain your A.T.T. from a U.S. state in which you don’t plan to live and work. Because remember, passing the test is the key to getting a license in ANY U.S. state.

If you join PassportUSA, we’ll give you guidance on which U.S. state to take NCLEX through. We’ll also assist you on the credential review and background check that are a part of the getting you’re A.T.T.

Plan to start the NCLEX application process right away as it can take a few months, during which you should focus on exam prep. And remember, bedside nursing experience IS NOT required to pass NCLEX.

Passing the NCLEX is an investment in your American dream and you cannot work as a nurse in the USA without it, so passing this exam must be your number one priority. And remember, once you’ve passed NCLEX, your results never expire.

Follow the advice in this video, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a U.S.-licensed nurse.

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