Your commitment to becoming a nurse in the USA has earned you a spot on our team.


Your achievement paves the way to the USA.

You’ve known for a long time that you want to work as a nurse in the USA. Passing the NCLEX exam shows you’re committed to the #AmericanDream. Now you need a reputable agency to secure your employment-based U.S. immigrant visa or recapture your existing priority date. You’re seeking an agency that has helped thousands of people navigate the complexities of the U.S. immigration process.

PassportUSA’s Achieve program offers everything you’re seeking.

PassportUSA’s Achieve program offers everything you’re seeking.

Who is eligible for the Achieve program?

Entry into PassportUSA’s Achieve program is reserved for nurses who have already passed the NCLEX examination. Further, non-Filipino nurses who reside in countries in which the NCLEX examination is not offered may gain entry into the Achieve program by passing the CGFNS Qualifying Examination (more details available at

Reserved for nurses who have already passed NCLEX.

(CGFNS Qualifying exam passers may also qualify.)

How can the Achieve program benefit you?

Training and Coaching. Passing NCLEX is but one small piece of qualifying to work in the USA as a nurse. PassportUSA’s Achieve program will afford you access to resources and experts that will help you achieve passing IELTS results and your U.S. VisaScreen.

We Cover the Costs. PassportUSA’s Achieve program pays for your visa filing and U.S. relocation. In fact, we provide bonuses and reimbursements to cover virtually every cost associated with starting your career in the USA.

We’re family friendly as well.

We’ll provide free legal services and deferred repayment of your family’s visa filing fees just to make it easy and affordable for them to join you in the USA.

No Worries. Our experts have handled thousands of nurse immigration cases and have successfully placed them at facilities across the USA. We ensure you’ll arrive in the USA as quickly as possible.

We will recapture your existing priority date or file your new U.S. EB-3 visa petition quickly.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. PassportUSA has never charged a health care professional a fee for its services; rather, we reimburse nurses for many of the costs they incur in preparing to come to the USA. In fact, we provide many free training resources.

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