An article in Skilled Nursing News (which can be found here) has provided data that illustrates the nuances of the nursing shortage that is being felt across the country.

The article identifies the fact that an aging population will exacerbate the nursing shortage in the future, but this shortage will not be felt to the same degree in every area. In fact, some states may have a surplus of RNs. Areas with falling populations and many qualified nurses may be left with a surplus. Large northern cities, like Chicago, are seeing populations falling as the trend of moving south continues across the nation. For example, Texas is seeing populations grow at the same rate that Illinois is losing residents.

However, when examined at a micro-level, analyses show that many counties struggle with nurse surpluses and shortages. This suggests that simply transplanting nurses from high-density areas to areas where there are nursing shortages.

What’s the Solution?

Even though our understanding of where nurses are needed and where they are in surplus is still ongoing, the reality is that many facilities across America are facing shortages right now. These facilities cannot sit by while experts identify the areas with the highest surplus for these facilities to market to and hopefully draw nurses from these locations.

If you’re looking for a way to end your shortage now, you might want to start thinking outside the box. Instead of hiring short-term travel nurses, or spending valuable marketing dollars in distant locations with a nurse surplus, you should consider a solution that both works for you right now, and also ensures long-term affordability and success.

PassportUSA offers a unique international RN solution that can place registered nurses at your facility, with 86% of our nurses converting to full-time employment at the completion of their assignments.

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